The Knead name

What’s in a name? The Knead difference

Now that we’ve completed our rebrand to Knead, here’s how we arrived at the name and why we’re different.

What’s in a name?

Literally, to knead is to combine ingredients, to build connections, and to create something that grows. Just like taking flour, yeast and water, kneading it together to make dough which then grows and is baked into bread.

We’re no different; your customers, processes, systems are the ingredients, and sales and revenue is the growth. We’re really just working with a different kind of dough. 😉

Our recent conversations have expanded beyond selling and managing IT devices…and desks. We’re now speaking to quarries about how to automate selling road materials for infrastructure projects, and sporting bodies building repeatable catalogues to stand up tournaments, so the time has come for a new name – Knead.

The Knead difference

We’ve taken a different approach to B2B eCommerce, and our customers receive all the benefits:

  • Speed – we get your orders flowing faster because Knead requires no coding, just configuring. With Knead, there is no replacement project. Connect what you already have – your existing systems – and lift the ordering experience for your customers and fulfilment staff.
  • Flexibility – highly configurable workflows mean we fit your business process, not the other way around. Teams continue to work as they do today but without the system hopping or chair-swiveling that happens when sales and fulfilment are disconnected. Retain your competitive advantage and sell and fulfil more, faster!
  • Convenience – SaaS pricing, implementation and support associated with traditional software models – in short, the best of both worlds!
  • Partnership – think of us as your virtual B2B eCommerce team, we want to to help you sell more, more efficiently and we do this by gaining in-depth understanding of how revenue flows within your organisation and then enabling it to flow faster.
  • Control – facilitating orders from inception to completion means that Knead has visibility of almost every system in a company. This means that over time, we can see patterns that can turn into actionable insights. Think about a world where you can predict stock requirements, logistical issues or personnel pressure points – giving your buyers the intelligent shopping cart of the future.

We understand that business buyers are different, and the B2B can be complex, but our vision is to take that complexity and turn it into productivity with a platform made by buyers, for buyers.

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