Spring 2021 product update

To welcome Spring 2021, we are thrilled to share our quarterly roadmap and the awesome new product features which we’ve been working on.

Back in July, we ran our first ever customer satisfaction survey and we were delighted to receive some amazing customer reviews, but also some valuable feedback. This feedback has been incorporated into and formed the basis of our upcoming spring release calendar.

So what’s new from Knead? Well, we have 3 new product features to highlight for you…

Announcing our Enterprise Ordering Platform!

Whilst suppliers typically receive the greatest value of the Knead platform (our powerful catalogue and automation engine comes to mind) we recognise that enterprises use many different suppliers across their businesses and having a single one-stop-shop view of everything makes sense.

Knead’s Enterprise Ordering Platform lets you access, place orders and check statuses across all your contracted suppliers!

The single sign on login experience leads you to a landing page where you can see all your suppliers in one place. Our first release displays everything in one place and then a single click directs you straight into the supplier portal of choice.

Moreover, for administrative users who need to both manage and view their supplier portals, you now have access to both sides of our product from one place.

Sales enablement with electronic quoting

With electronic quotes now integrated into our standard workflow (Adobe Sign and DocuSign customers take note), some of our customers have asked for added sales enablement functionality in the order workflow.

Previously, there was only one way to place an order – logging in with a customer account – but we’ve extended this by introducing a specific sales representative role which can raise quotes on behalf of customers. This extends our value beyond customer self-service and enables the sales community as well.

Order review and approval

Lastly we’re pleased to announce that we’ve incorporated an approval process within the order workflow. When enabled, this means that specific products can go through an approval process (via email notification) before being submitted. Approvers are able to approve/decline orders, trace order status and view all approvals on a single page.

In addition to the above, our spring release drops also include enhancements to:

  • Check-out flow and review prior to placing an order
  • Cart editing capabilities
  • Optimising the search experience

At Knead, we are continuously trying to make the online ordering process more accessible and offer greater flexibility to our suppliers through automation. From adding a new product or service request to integrating with your systems, we have so much to offer, and we are just getting started.

That’s all for now, hope there is something in here you’ll love.

Stay tuned for more news on our latest product updates!


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