Better manage your B2B ecommerce sales

As the B2B ecommerce landscape evolves at an ever-accelerating rate, Knead helps you keep pace with expectations

Entering data

The B2B game has well and truly changed. Today, the playing field is digital – and to win, you better be bringing your A game.

Luckily, the Knead team is behind you. Our total business fluency lies in a B2B ecommerce sales platform that provides a complete framework for delivering a fresh
end-to-end experience for customers and employees alike. But what about configurability, flexibility, and depth? Yes, yes, and yes. This is no consumer-grade solution, because your customers aren’t consumers. So why use a
system built for them? Instead, use one made to demand less of your team, while your customers buy more.


Knead gives you all the features you need


Give your buyers the power with data-rich, custom access dashboards.


Customer sync

Customer synchronisation

Manage buyer information across multiple locations.

Headless API orders

Headless / API orders

Improve the buyer experience across every channel.

Content management system

Content management system

Simplify site management and reporting



Give your buyers total control over how they shop.

Search box

Customer synchronisation

Manage buyer information across multiple locations.

Credit card payment

Credit card / instant payment

Get access to your cash sooner.

Customer payment

Financed payments

Maximise your opportunity to get paid.


Inventory synchronisation

Build reliability with better accuracy.

Delivery confirmation

Shipping options

Increase conversion by building buyer certainty.

Message pending

Interactive help

Improve buyer experience and conversion with chatbots.

Notification bell

Customer notifications

Retain experience consistency with templated notifications.

New customer profile

Assisted orders

Simplify complex orders with buyer proxies.

Sales proposal

Quote generation

Quickly generate consolidated buyer proposals.

Money engine

Customer group pricing

Reduce complexity through advanced pricing processes.



Identify opportunities to upsell with smart bundling.

Fold out menu

Advanced product options

Implement an incredibly intuitive catalogue.


Sub-catalogue / store view

Better manage buyer segmentation with subsets.

Credit limits

Credit limits

Empower buyers to place orders with confidence.

Options menu

Purchase order management

Simplify the order process with a smarter PO system.


Knowledge base

Continuously upskill and support your admin staff.

Operations dashboard

Ops dashboard

Access a dedicated metric-rich landing page.

Operations notifications

Ops notifications

Proactively maintain system uptime and reliability.

Bidirectional communications

Bidirectional communications

Reduce data delays and maintain open channels.

External field lookup

External field lookup

Achieve frictionless orders with integrated systems.

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Explore our store of rich resources.

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