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Knead makes B2B sales simpler

Remove the effort from B2B sales so your team can focus on closing, not on admin.

Today’s B2B sales experience needs to be highly flexible and super responsive. This is quite a challenge, especially if your sales processes depend on a range of disconnected or legacy systems. That’s why we built Knead. By connecting the systems you already have and replacing manual tasks with streamlined automation, Knead tames the complexity of B2B transactions to help build long-lasting relationships.



Boost the B2B sales experience

Benefit from a suite of powerful, hassle-free, and easily integrated sales apps—all in one place.

Self-service portals

Give buyers full control over the purchase with a dedicated online portal that lets them get quotes, place orders, and manage their information.

Interactive sales help

Boost the buying experience with integrated chatbots that can provide valuable stage-specific help and drive conversion rates.

Simplified content management

Simplify your website management and reduce hosting fees by putting everything in the capable hands of Knead’s centralised content management system.


Better manage your backend

Streamline the management of service requests, customer data look-ups, and product catalogues and allow the quality of your service to shine.

Service requests

Enable your customers to place service requests alongside orders, in line with your own business rules.

Single view

Provide a synchronised system that manages all your customer data, across multiple locations to improve the sales experience.

Advanced product options

Elevate your catalogue with interactive data fields and detailed options to power a more intuitive ordering experience.

Warehouse workers


Consolidate your sales processes

Leverage best-practice templates, automation, and grouping capabilities to take the hassle out of making a sale.

Customer notifications

Retain consistency with template-driven notifications for all account interactions.

Streamlined approvals

Reduce wait times with an approvals workflow that follows your business rules.

Group products into bundles

Speed up ordering and deliver greater value by grouping commonly ordered products.

You need to experience Knead for yourself.

What makes selling with Knead so good


Nothing comes between you and a sale

Knead’s end-to-end capability was made to meet your sales needs, optimise your channels, and elevate your impact at every possible touchpoint.

Online store

Made the way businesses buy – and sell

We live and breathe B2B and have configured our platform to match the way you sell, while offering the buying experience businesses demand.


customer experience without the admin

Automate common workflows so your staff are free to focus on customers, instead of manually processing spreadsheets, quotes, and approvals.


Take selling a step further

Tap into the power of an end-to-end platform

Knead was built to satisfy your B2B ecommerce needs. It’s a complete end-to-end solution that integrates with your existing systems to give you total flexibility to deliver today’s ultimate buyer experience. When you have Knead, everything else falls into place.

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