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Knead’s B2B commerce solutions mean total satisfaction

When it comes to customer and employee experiences, let Knead help you deliver, every time

So many businesses fail to keep up with the rising service expectations brought about by constant innovation. This is where our expert B2B team steps in. We help you harness the power of automation that lies in Knead, so you can shape the ultimate order processing experience for both customers and staff. Ready to take satisfaction to the next level? So are we.



Boost your reliability

Prioritise every business customer with a streamlined experience that makes buying a whole lot more satisfying.

Simplified self-service access

Give your buyers total control over how and when they shop, simplify user access, and make complex orders easier.

Fully personalised experience

Optimise the buyer experience with channel flexibility, buyer segmentation, and integrated external systems

Ultimate buyer trust

Prove your dependability to buyers with real-time stock status, integrated shipping information, and multi-way communication.


Overdeliver on expectations

Optimise your channels of communication, elevate your sales process, and host a cleverer catalogue.

Streamlined sales processes

Maintain efficient real-time communications with customers and generate detailed buyer proposals in minutes.

Enhanced account service

Simplify the sales process with features—such as Assisted Orders—that are designed to make selling easier.

Powerful catalogue management

Enjoy attribute-based searching and filtering and bulk multi-format exports and imports.

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Happy teams create happy customers

Free your team from the mundane, with automated workflows, real-time order status, powerful insights, and comprehensive support.

Reduced manual effort

Reduce manual tasks and complexity while improving accuracy, efficiency, and service standards with automated workflows.

Keep everyone in the loop

Improve company-wide collaboration with continuous visibility of order status between systems and teams.

Powerful insights

Know where you can influence sales by accessing key metrics to understand search, conversion rates, and sales figures.

You need to experience Knead for yourself.

What makes Knead so satisfying?


Say farewell to manual inefficiencies

Release your people from the mundane and manual with an automated flow of information that meets customers’ expectations for speed and accuracy.

Connected process

It empowers complete control

From the very first step buyers drive the process, traversing an ultra-smooth sales journey made possible by cleverly connected touchpoints.


The satisfaction never stops

We're B2B business to our core which means we never stop finding ways to speed up tasks, empower people, and ensure customers stay satisfied.


Take satisfaction a step further

Tap into the power of an end-to-end

Knead was built to satisfy your B2B ecommerce needs. It’s a complete end-to-end solution that integrates with your existing systems to give you total flexibility to deliver today’s ultimate buyer experience. When you have Knead, everything else falls into place.

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