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Knead: the only enterprise ecommerce platform you need

Open your B2B business up to frictionless systems, smart automation, and high-level security

To control and manage the end-to-end buying experience, you need to be able to influence the process at every point, from quote to order and from payment to delivery.

But if there are multiple systems where that work is happening it means silos of information, task duplication, and increased risk of errors. But not with Knead.

The Knead platform connects with common business systems like Zendesk, ServiceNow, and Xero. It provides a single overarching view of every order, from start to finish.

An enterprise ecommerce platform made the way businesses buy

An unrivalled understanding of B2B ecommerce has empowered our team to build a platform designed the way businesses buy.

Because we understand how they do it, we give you the tools to easily facilitate it. And while the platform works well out of the box, our experience allows us to identify any points at which friction is entering into your system. Automated workflows, defined business rules and systems integrations then ensure every transaction can be completed successfully with a minimum of effort.

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Deliver a flawless experience

Take the hassle out of ecommerce with systems specifically designed to streamline it.

Single customer view

Remove the pain of managing buyer information with a synchronised system that manages all the data for you, across multiple locations.

Simplified catalogue management

Enjoy a powerful catalogue experience with attribute-based searching and filtering, and multi-format exports and imports.

Complete omnichannel experience

Simplify the buyer experience with full channel flexibility and seamless data transfers to multiple frontend systems.


Let Knead do the heavy lifting

Unlock a frictionless experience for customers and employees with Knead at the heart of your network.

Fully integrated workflows

Reduce complexity and cost with highly configurable workflows that reach the right people and systems for orders, fulfilment, and management.

Frictionless integration

Ensure a consistent flow of information using integrated systems that together create a painless buyer and fulfiller experience

View like a customer

Empower your admin team with full platform oversight, making testing easier and post-change issue management more proactive.



Maintain top-notch security

Enforce a secure, consistent, and reliable level of platform protection without lifting a finger.

Single sign on

Enjoy simplified access to a centralised platform with the option to sign in with Microsoft credentials.

User record management

Experience a total overview of your user record, custom access restrictions, filtered searches, and bulk import/export capabilities.

Owned customer records

Give your customers total peace of mind that the minimal data collected will always stay where it belongs.



Bidirectional communications

Reduce data delays and maintain open channels.


Fully omnichannel frontend

Simplify the experience with full channel flexibility.


Integrated workflows

Reduce complexity and cost with configurable automation.


Custom dashboards

Empower admin staff by only displaying the metrics that matter.


Custom reports

Export entire datasets or connect to your preferred BI platform.


Management by exception

Schedule reporting at frequencies or trigger points.


Easily integrated

Tap into full-function API to drive your entire system.


Role-based access

Attribute platform access based on role segments.


Highly secure

Information security management system aligned with ISO 27001.


Big names that sell, fulfil and satisfy with Knead

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