Government building

Government suppliers love using Knead

Without getting too political, let’s talk government. Well, government suppliers.

Specifically, how countless government departments are getting tremendous benefit from using Knead for procurement.

There are over 2 million public sector employees in Australia, and when you consider that every one of those employees need things in order to do their jobs, that’s a lot of ordering to be performed, from many different suppliers.

Over 40 different government entities – covering councils, health, justice, social services to name a few – make use of a Knead ordering portal. And for good reason, as Knead is unique in it’s ability to be configured flexibly for government suppliers.

Use case: Department of Health

We were recently given the challenge to deliver an ordering platform for 40 different business units within a state health department.

Our customer, a leading technology supplier, won the contract to replace the fleet of mobile technology devices across the department, and needed to deliver on 3 key outcomes:

  1. Create an online store experience that allowed for ordering products and any associated services from one place
  2. Allocate budgets, with spending controls and visibility of remaining funds to each individual unit
  3. Provide visibility and communications between the requestor and the fulfiller for all orders

This was easily achieved utilising Knead’s out-of the-box B2B eCommerce features:

  • We took a feed of all products from the supplier’s ConnectWise platform and presented them in an dedicated online ordering platform
  • Each business unit was setup with a spending limit, visibility and budget control
  • Orders were integrated back into ConnectWise so that status could be shown in real-time along with the ability to make comments and updates as orders progressed.

Government-ready features, out of the box.

Some of the most common features we see being used within our government supply catalogues and workflows. 

Custom sub-catalogues

Departments can be made up of many individual business units – some with their own specific catalogue items or prices. Knead has the flexibility to host a single master catalogue, but also configure granular product visibility by user and group.

Data validation

Validation of cost centres, project codes are critical to ensure requests are managed quickly and effectively. Knead has a powerful validation engine which perform checks at order time to ensure human error or missing information is eliminated.

Spending controls

Rules can be enforced to ensure that spending is limited to authorised individuals and managed at a business unit level with full visibility of available funds to requestors.

Order management & reporting

Knead supports reporting and order visibility both individually and at a group-level. Sometimes you need visibility of orders that have been processed by your colleagues and not just for yourself. Perfect for shared-services organisations!

There’s no denying that Knead’s B2B features and experience is what sets us apart for government suppliers and procurement. Get in touch with us today to get a demo and find out more.

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