Optimise your B2B inventory & logistics

Don’t suffer inventory uncertainty when Knead can empower you with total confidence

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Your digital ecosystem is a complex beast with your next sale coming from any number of channels. Having the stock on hand to fulfil that order quickly is what will help convert.

That’s where Knead comes in – we give you the real-time inventory management system to approach every sale with total confidence.


Knead gives you all the features you need


Use data-rich dashboards to optimise your sales experience.



Catalogue management

Improve the experience for management staff.

Cloud refresh

Order record management

Ensure order information is always current.

Bidirectional communications

Bidirectional communications

Reduce data delays and maintain open channels.

Credit card

Credit card / instant payment

Get access to your cash sooner.


External field lookup

Complete accuracy of business information.


Knowledge base

Continuously upskill and support your admin staff.


Ops dashboard

Access a dedicated metric-rich landing page.


Ops notifications

Proactively maintain system uptime and reliability.

Knead-to-know insights

Explore our store of rich resources.

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Summer 2022 product update

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