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Knead steps your ecommerce fulfilment services up a gear

Give your customers the experience they expect with Knead’s real-time order visibility and automation capabilities

Trust is critical to customer loyalty. Ensure your delivery is second to none by meeting their growing expectations for speed, service, and sales. Knead automates manual tasks and gives valuable oversight over every order, so you can deliver a seamless experience. Every. Single. Time.



Level up ecommerce order fulfilment

Alleviate the demands of catalogue updates, data management, and purchase order processing.

Simplified catalogue management:

Remove the pain of manual checks and updates with catalogue synchronisation that automatically keeps information accurate and up to date.

Single customer view:

Get a complete, centralised view of each customer across all your channels, for improved business outcomes and a better customer experience.

Spending controls:

Help customers avoid the risk of overspending by setting purchase order limits that are automatically managed for both buyers and upstream suppliers.


Ensure complete transparency

Reduce the impact on customer support by ensuring complete visibility across your ecommerce fulfilment process.

Flexible, two-way communication

Keep orders flowing without delay and exceed expectations with two-way communications that keep customers and order fulfilment connected and in step.

Accurate user record management

More precisely segment and filter customers based on specific attributes easily defined within your internal records.

Helpful knowledge base

Remove time lags and continuously upskill admin staff with rapid access to a wealth of console support and help from real humans.

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Make payments simpler

Get paid sooner with speedier payment methods, agile credit options, and tailorable finance parameters.

Instant payment options

Rather than relying on purchase orders, reduce time to cash with instant payment options like credit card checkouts as well.

Flexible credit limits

Empower buyers to place orders with confidence by showing real-time credit information and tailorable limits.

Configurable financed payments

Maximise your opportunity with lease or hire purchase choices, flexible payment options, and customisable order parameters.


Frictionless order and delivery fulfilment

Ensure every order can be fulfilled as requested with smarter catalogues, order record and shipping management.

Reliable inventory synchronisation

Easily synchronise item availability from external sources including suppliers, ensuring customers have accurate stock information before ordering.

Real-time order record view

Always ensure the most up-to-date information, and bulk-update the status of multiple items via the interface or API.

Flexible shipping options

Speed up processing integrated shipping pricing rules and multi-location delivery options.

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Offer full transparency

Get the need-to-know data in front of your customers in the moments that matter.

Real-time inventory synchronisation

Prove your reliability to buyers with real-time stock status, including from external suppliers or inventory management systems.

Streamlined approvals

Reduce wait times and boost satisfaction with flexible approval rules that follow your business rules.

Ops Dashboard

Maintain total oversight of order status with a dedicated and tailorable landing page rich with key metrics.

You need to experience Knead for yourself.

What makes order fulfilment with Knead so effective?


Total satisfaction from proposal to delivery

By effortlessly connecting every system our end-to-end platform makes the entire B2B sales journey supremely satisfying.

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We fulfil every requirement – so you can too

Our team of B2B experts will deliver a platform that meets your specific needs, workflows, and operational framework.


Our centralised experience trumps manual admin

Benefit from seamless workflows that mean staff waste less time on spreadsheets and your customers get the experience they expect.


Take order fulfilment a step further

Tap into the power of an end-to-end platform

Knead was built to satisfy your B2B ecommerce needs. It’s a complete end-to-end solution that integrates with your existing systems to give you total flexibility to deliver today’s ultimate buyer experience. When you have Knead, everything else falls into place.

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