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All you need to know about Knead

Meet the ecommerce platform purpose-built for you and designed to navigate the new world of online sales

Kneading the perfect platform

B2B ecommerce is often considered to be too complex. We just think it’s misunderstood. See, when you know how to solve it end-to-end, it’s simply a matter of connecting the dots. That’s why we built Knead – to offer you a smarter and swifter way to manage B2B sales.

However, as businesses began to inch around the edge of this new world of online sales, we quickly realised that we didn’t just have to keep up with change; we could harness it. Knead then quickly evolved to become an end-to-end solution that anticipates and responds to evolution, providing a solid platform for growth, flexibility, and exploration.

Behind Knead is a bunch of B2B specialists who are determined to give you everything you need from day one. We may not know what the B2B ecommerce world holds for us next, but we’re sure to be ready for it when it comes.

What drives us

We’re in the B2B ecommerce game for one
reason—to conquer the unknown together.

We understand that the new digital world can appear daunting, particularly when B2B customers have such
high experience expectations, but we also have what it takes to ensure you won’t stumble; the knowledge,
drive, and tools to help you pave the best path forward.

As die-hard B2B specialists, we dig deeper to unearth your sales pulse. To identify the perfect blend of channels, tools, automation, and integration to drive a frictionless experience from day one. The final product is an end-to-end platform that’s completely unique to you and a team that’s constantly looking for
opportunities to optimise it.

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