4 steps to building your B2B supplier portal

4 steps to building your B2B supplier portal

So you’re a B2B supplier, who has recognised that customer experience matters, online ordering is the way of the future and automation is key?

Here’s the Knead supplier onboarding process from start to finish. It’s just 4 steps to transform your existing process into a B2B ecommerce wonderland.

Site name and branding

It all starts with a name. You can choose between a shared whole-of-business portal covering all your customers (noting you can still be selective with products and pricing between customers) or a dedicated to one client, all-inclusive experience. This is for those flagship deals.

Once you’ve given your portal a name, just apply your preferred logos and styling (fonts, colours) so your portal is unique and consistent.

Here’s where we start to get serious. What is in your catalog?

We support a range of product and service types including everything from simple widgets – eg. an iPhone – to complex service request forms which can be used to scope an entire project.

You can import and manage all of these items in a range of formats (CSV, JSON), or even set up a sync of items from your existing catalog or inventory management system.

We handle both buy price (cost) and custom sell pricing (per customer) to ensure that your catalog matches your exact business model.

What do you sell?

The Knead Integrated Workflow™

Now for the real fun stuff; and apologies, this is where we really get our kicks. Turning your business process into automation paradise.

Once someone has requested an item from the catalog, what should we do with this? Just a few of the countless workflows we support:

  • Set up a self-service quote process via an electronic-signing platform like Adobe Sign
  • Help your service desk automate the creation of service tickets in Zendesk or ServiceNow and route them to the right fulfilment teams directly
  • Generate custom XML purchase orders to send to third party suppliers on your behalf
  • Or maybe a simple email approval and review process for particular items before they can be ordered?

You can map fields from one system to another, passing information accurately and automatically without someone having to copy and paste.

Which brings us to the final step – let’s welcome your customers to your portal. Adding users is just like adding items to the catalog – import processes and sync processes are here to make this a breeze. Of course you can manually create users as well.

You can even customise the welcome note, and set up groups for specific customer pricing or product profiles to match your supply agreements.

Thousands of enterprise customers are already on our platform, so as you soon as you’ve added your customers another brand-new shiny supplier portal will appear on our one-stop-shop Enterprise Ordering Platform.

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