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A better B2B ecommerce platform, made the way businesses buy

Knead helps you navigate the complex world of B2B ecommerce with total confidence.

Knead is the only B2B ecommerce platform you need. It seamlessly connects and manages all the elements of the end-to-end buying process – from proposal and delivery to inventory and reordering – for a fulfilling purchase experience at every point. It’s the secret recipe to strong B2B relationships.


Big names that sell, fulfil and satisfy with Knead

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Take total control of the end-to-end business sales and service experience

B2B ecommerce is inarguably complex. Purchases need approvals, orders need to be specified, products require configuration. That’s where our B2B experience pays off. We know exactly the variability you need and have built the tailorable tech to master it.

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Our highly configurable platform integrates with your existing systems to provide the perfect blend of channels, tools, automation, and integration to drive a frictionless experience across the entire B2B customer journey. One that empowers customers with more power, and employees with more efficiency.


Sell more, with less effort

Knead seamlessly connects every touchpoint to close deals with less work. Enjoy total pipeline visibility, while keeping up with changing customer expectations.


Fulfil their way

Give customers and staff complete visibility and control with Knead’s real-time data and self-service capabilities, multi-way communication, and automated workflows.


Satisfy every expectation

Harness the power of a highly configurable platform that meets your customers’ expectations for speed and accuracy, no matter how complex the order.

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Integrate Knead with everything else you need

Knead refocuses your teams on delivery, not admin

Our highly configurable
platform fully integrates with your existing systems so you can benefit from greater efficiency without changing the way you work.

We help you tap into the reduced complexity and cost of managing the entire order lifecycle through Knead by configuring workflows and business rules to do all the heavy lifting for you. Plus, Knead works hand-in-hand with your other key business systems, such as Zendesk, Hubspot and Xero, so progress is always visible no matter where you look.

What makes Knead so good


Satisfaction from proposal to delivery

By seamlessly connecting every step and system of the B2B sales journey, Knead makes the buying process effortless.


Made to fit you

When you need a B2B ecommerce platform with flexibility, you need Knead. Stretch us, mold us, and shape us to suit the way you work.


Best practice B2B baked in

Built by experts in B2B processes and automation, Knead’s specialist capabilities dramatically simplify the B2B buying experience.

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